Expert Watch Repair

A mechanical watch contains on average 150 parts, some of which experience high forces on a continuous basis. To keep the performance of your watch at its best and prevent wear and tear, it should be regularly serviced: every three to five years or so. If you’re unsure about when your watch needs servicing or have a problem with your watch that needs repair, we can help. Important! We cannot give watch repair quote over the telephone or email, it needs a visual inspection.

  • Overhaul, service, maintenance or restoration work
  • Battery change, water resistant watches; re-sealed and pressure tested
  • Glass replacement
  • Winder, main-spring replacement

Expert Jewelry Repair

With generations of experience repairing and restoring all types of jewelry, you can feel confident that your heirloom jewelry will be repaired quickly and with expert craftsmanship. Our repair techniques are timeless, where we combine old-world skill, with the latest tools and technology available, to repair virtually any type of jewelry.

Types of Jewelry Repair We Offer:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Stone Setting and Prong Repair
  • Chain Repair
  • Clasp Repair
  • Other Types of Repair

Custom Jewelry

Create your unique piece of jewelry. With over 65 years of jewelry manufacturing & design experience, we can help you make your dream piece become a reality. We offer CAD design to help you visualize & tweek your design throughout the process.


With over 65 years of jewelry & gemstone experience, and GIA DIamond graduates on staff, Gelber & Mundy is more than qualified to set a value & verify your jewelry in front of you in the comfort of our store. Please call for an appointment.